CALL FOR APPLICATIONS - parkinprogress




in Pannonhalma (Hungary)

by Moving House Foundation Budapest



About Parkinprogress:


Parkinprogress is a nomadic mobility programme supported by the European Commission and gathering together emerging artists and professionals from the creative and cultural world, who work on the different steps of creation, production, diffusion of a project in which transdisciplinary experience is developed.


Parkinprogress moves around 6 different places in 6 different countries. At each step, the artists and professionals explore a park or an urban green area to create a strolling promenade nourished by different artistic propositions to share with the public.

This creation nourishes itself from new proposals established on the encounter with artists and professionals from the hosting country.


Parkinprogress is the first step of a far-reaching project, which is meant to link the main European countries’ big cities, to make emerge a vast community of artists and cultural actors able to work together on transdiciplinary projects at a European scale.


In Hungary in August 2012 the Benedictine Archabbey of Pannonhalma will host the second step on Parkinprogress, with 20 international and Hungarian artists, who are given the opportunity to explore, reflect upon and reinterpret the beautiful arboretum of the monastery, within the framework of the ARCUS TEMPORUM ART FESTIVAL of PANNONHALMA.


Who can apply?


This programme aims at both emerging artists (authors, interpreters, performers) from various expression fields (visual arts, performing arts and transdisciplinarity) and professionals from the creative and cultural world (light/sound/multimedia technicians…) who take an active part in the different steps of the creation of a work.


The artists invited in the programme are emerging ones, right into the creation current developments, and they take part in the creation of new forms of expression. A special attention will be paid to artists who have a natural interest in encounter and sharing with others and abilities to work on mutual projects in the frame of transdisciplinary coproductions.


Parkinprogress offers the following:


- Successful applicants participate in a ten-day international residency between 16th and 25th August 2012 and present their work to the public as part of the Arcus Temporum Art Festival on two consecutive nights (24th – 25th August) in the arboretum. Applicants are expected to be present for the entire duration of the residency.


- Based on the projects created and presented during the residency, an international jury including the directors of the 6 partner organizations will select some artists to take part in the next Parkinprogress event (September 2012, Nottingham).


- Parkinprogress guarantees a fee ranging from 400 to 1000 euros per project (depending mainly on the number of participating artists) against an invoice.


- Parkinprogress covers travel costs and transfers, ensures accommodation and meals for the duration of the residency and provides a “pool” of materials to be shared between artists and a production grant.


How to apply?

Submit your application (CV, project description and motivation statement) on the website.

Deadline: 15 March 2012

An artistic committee including the directors of the 6 partner organizations makes the selection.


More information: Ez az e-mail cím védett a spamkeresőktől, engedélyezni kell a Javascript használatát a megtekintéshez , +36 20 35 23 080,,


Parkinprogress partners:

Pépinières européennes pour jeunes artistes (Saint-Cloud, France)

Moving House Foundation (Budapest, Hungary)

Arts Council England East Midlands / UK Young Artists (Nottingham, United Kingdom)

Transcultures (Mons, Belgium)

Johan Centre (Pilsen, Czech Republic)

NOASS (Riga, Latvia)